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Oak Tree Podiatry, PAPowerstep Orthotics


When your feet hurt, your whole body hurts. Keeping you up and moving is our priority here at Oak Tree Podiatry, PA.

Many conditions of the foot can be improved by adding more stability and support for walking and prolonged standing. A good, solid shoe (such as a walking shoe) is the first step in minimizing pain. We understand that not everyone can wear athletic shoes all the time and even the best shoe may still not provide enough support for your foot.

Orthotics are an easy and effective way to transform any closed toe shoe into a more supportive platform for your daily activity. We are proud to offer Powerstep Orthotics professional line of products.

These devices feature a deep and sturdy heel cup to cradle your heel and hold it in a better aligned position. The arch is soft yet rigid enough to not bend under body weight to hold up your foot and provide the support it needs.

Oak Tree Podiatry, PA also offers up the new Powerstep Arch Molds. A customizable orthotic heat molded to your foot in our office. These devices provide the same level of support while allowing for a closer fit.

With the Powerstep Orthotic line, Oak Tree Podiatry, PA can offer you comfort, stability and support during your daily activities and athletic endeavors as an alternative to the higher cost of fully custom devices. We also offer 100% custom devices if your foot structure and condition require it.

If you are in pain, don’t hesitate to contact Oak Tree Podiatry, PA today for a consultation on which device would work best for your need.