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Oak Tree Podiatry, PAFor Many Winter is Fall Season

With the hectic pace of the holidays, serious injuries from falls often occur at the worst time. Living in the South we rarely think of the dangers that winter brings to those living in snowy locations however even in the South ice is a real problem. Dr. Sara Borkosky, a foot surgeon in the Upstate of South Carolina, says that falls on icy surfaces are a major cause of sprains, fractures and abrasions and it’s critical to seek prompt treatment.

“Many people believe that if you can walk on the injury, it must not be broken. This is not correct as many foot fractures still allow you to bear weight and walk and continued walking can lead to worsening of the injury and arthritis later in life” says Dr. Borkosky.

If you do suffer a fall, she recommends that you call for help and take time to evaluate the situation. “If you are in an unsafe location, such as a busy parking lot, carefully get yourself out of the situation and to a safer, calm spot. Then you can slowly go over your body to make sure nothing is injured: your head and neck, back, arms, hips and knees,  ankles and feet. You may need to remove your shoe to verify that there are no abrasions, cuts or lacerations to the foot.”

Dr. Borkosky continues “Do not feel embarrassed as even the most young and agile person can suffer a fall when they are in a rush and there is ice on the ground. Allow paramedics to be called if you do not feel like you can drive yourself safely or if you have significant pain anywhere.”

In some instances, there is no immediate signs of injury and you are able to continue with your hectic schedule and drive safely. However, be sure to perform another once over the following day to look for delayed signs of injury. “Deep bruising can take time to reach the surface and sprains and strains can continue to worsen over 24-48 hours.” It is important that you contact your foot specialist for any deep bruising, continued swelling or pain to the foot as quickly as possible after a fall. “Many times these injuries require simple care to aid healing and prevent chronic issues such as instability and arthritis from setting in. When care is delayed, the treatment options are often limited and prolonged.” Dr. Borkosky also warns “In patient who have diabetes, any small laceration or abrasion can turn into a big problem very quickly leading to infections that can threaten their limb and/or life. Any new wound in a patient with diabetes needs to be evaluated as soon as possible.”

Enjoy the Holiday season and the cooler weather. Remember to keep safe and make time for yourself as you are running around this season. For additional questions or to set up a consultation appointment with Dr. Borkosky please contact her Mauldin, SC office at: 864-297-6616




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