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Oak Tree Podiatry, PA6 Tips to Protect Your Child During Fall Sports

If your child/ren are playing sports this fall, first off good for them! Sports are a great way to teach responsibility, respect, how to be a team player and commitment not to mention the physical benefits from getting out and moving. Unfortunately, sports also bring a risk of injury. Every fall, foot surgeon Sara Borkosky of Mauldin SC notices and increase in injuries amongst child athletes. Football, soccer and basketball are the sports most often leading to sprains, tendinitis and broken bones, she says.

Dr. Borkosky’s top recommendation is for parents is to get injuries treated right away.

“What seems like a sprain is not always a sprain; in addition to cartilage injuries, your son or daughter might have injured other bones in the foot without knowing it. Have a qualified doctor examine the injury,” says Borkosky. “The sooner rehabilitation starts, the sooner we can prevent long-term problems like instability or arthritis, and the sooner your child can get back into competition.”

Paying attention to these six tips can help protect your child this fall.

1.) Get a good physical examination prior to the season starting. Old injuries can rear their ugly heads upon starting back up. having a specialist perform a full foot examination can help determine if a simple brace would benefit your son or daughter and protect them from injury.

2.) Always wear the correct foot wear for the activity. Cleats, running shoes, hiking boots all have different functions and roles to play this fall as your child gets out and explores the world. If in doubt, ask their trainer/coach or your local foot specialist what would be best for which activity.

3.) talking about shoes, start he season out with a new pair. Shoes aren’t made to last forever and as the sole wears out it can create an uneven base of support that will make your child more prone to sprains and strains.

4.) Uneven ground is part of outdoor sports, but limiting the exposure to large holes, dips and transitions from soft to hard ground can help eliminate a lot of stress to the foot. Walk the area looking for potential hazards before play begins.

5.) Proper warm up is essential in limiting injury. Light stretching and a warm up jog will increase blood flow to muscles and tendons and allow for more flexibility during play. Never start out cold and remember to always cool down as well. Stretching after a strenuous work out is very beneficial.

6.) Practice technique. Proper technique when throwing a ball, catching, running or kicking is essential for an injury free season.

If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Borkosky at 864-297-6616. She is accepting new patients and always has the time for a consultation to keep your family moving and feeling great.









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