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Oak Tree Podiatry, PAA Big Welcome to Jennifer Springman

Guest Blogger: Jennifer Springman, Licensed Cosmetology Instructor. Jennifer has recently joined the team at Oak Tree Podiatry in Mauldin, SC. She is an exciting addition and will be providing relaxing services in our new Nail Salon. She will be writing salon related articles for publishing here twice a month, so check back often to learn from one of the best.

Hello! I am Jennifer and I am very excited about joining the Oak Tree Podiatry team! I have 13 years of experience in caring for people’s hair, skin and nails. Most recently, I obtained the highest licensing in the field and am now a licensed instructor. When you decide to spend time in my relaxing chair, you can rest easy knowing that I have years of education and experience. Summer is almost upon us. For some that means beach days, no school and open toe shoes. Nicely shaped and painted nails should be a part of that equation however there is a risk with receiving care at a public and busy nail salon that can transfer disease to the nails and damage the surrounding skin. Here at the Nail Salon at Oak Tree Podiatry, PA you can relax knowing that you are in a safe and sterile environment. Each client receives their own goodie bag of equipment that will be used during their services only. This bag is taken home with you and brought back with each future service. This includes the instruments such as nail buffers, toe separators and files that can not be sterilized to our requirements. This ensures that nothing will be transferred from one client to the next. We have all heard the stories of people leaving a salon and soon suffering an infection to the nails and/or surrounding skin. Salon safety goes beyond the basic instruments used and includes the actual products being applied to the skin and nails. At our nail salon, the products have all been researched by Dr. Sara Borkosky, DPM and are either medical grade or proven safe to use on all skin and nail types. We want you to leave feeling relaxed and happy with the way your skin and nails look and feel. Dr. Borkosky is on site seeing to her patients and is available for consultation for any foot related problems that you may be suffering from. Come and give us a try. All new clients receive 10% off their first service and as a thank you for our Oak Tree Podiatry, PA patient loyalty all our current Oak Tree patients receive 10% off all services. If you have had experiences with salons in the past, I know you will be able to see the difference in our salon experience. Contact us today by calling 864-297-6616 to make your appointment.


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